Stout Street Recuperative Care Center / Renaissance Legacy Lofts

Project Description

This nine story, 120,000 sf mixed use development will be located just north of Denver’s Downtown Core in the vibrant Arapahoe Square neighborhood. The Colorado Coalition’s new Stout Street Recuperative Care Center and Renaissance Legacy Lofts Apartments explores how architecture can create new possibilities for its highly vulnerable dramatically underserved residents, as well as the city at large. The new development will help meet the health care needs for 400 homeless people annually, while providing 98 permanent apartment homes.

The project aims to heal the whole person, emerging from diff erent areas of trauma. The construct of this building’s massing is an uplifting and dynamic expression of its unique programs. It sets a new model for health and well-being through increased density, adding new respite care facilities and residential levels above.

By incorporating communal spaces throughout into the building’s raised and stepped-back form, the project encourages its residents to connect with each other, its visitors, and the city beyond. These communal spaces include: life-skills training and conference facilities, a dining center, recreation and tv lounges, outdoor decks, and terraces. The 4th fl oor amenity spaces and an adjacent rooftop terrace area provide shared common spaces for resident’s use. By positioning the resident’s community functions on one of the building’s upper stories, the amenity level is fl ooded with natural light and has commanding 270 degree views to the east, north and west.

The Recuperative Care/Legacy Lofts Apartments is organized around three principle spatial zones stacked vertically: a supportive services zone at street level, a public health recuperative care and wellness programs zone in levels 2 and 3, and six fl oors of apartment residences and amenities above.

A major challenge for the project was incorporating a unique and very complex recuperative care 75 bed facility program on the lower levels, while shaping a slender 98 apartment unit tower into a singular architectural form. The building’s context sensitive massing can easily be described with its unifi cation of materials and fenestration from its podium base extending up the facade to its crown at the roof.The project utilizes an innovative construction methodology. Faced with a limited budget and a tight schedule, the design team determined that an off -site premanufactured Infi nity light-gauge steel panelized wall and fl oor framing system should be integrated into the building structure. The upper fl oor framing will be lifted into place over a 3 story concrete podium. This framing system will help provide a higher quality construction which will save money, by allowing tighter site setback
tolerances and accelerating construction time. The reclaimed light gauge steel system will help accomplish the project’s sustainability goals and objectives with recycled content and no site waste.

The Stout Street Recuperative Care and Legacy Loft forms an armature for transformation of the human spirit through architecture. This paradigm sets up a framework for the building’s integrated program services, so that interior spaces take advantage of city and mountain views. All the primary program spaces wrap around the perimeter of the building, inviting an abundance of natural daylight on all levels.

This dynamic new building will be a place to heal, to grow, and to celebrate life.