Transit-Oriented Developments

Posted: March 17, 2020

Chris Carvell discusses the opportunities & strategies for locating High Density Residential adjacent to a light rail station. (Two examples, one proposed and one completed)

In Denver, The strongest integration with the neighborhood is unified and connected with the light rail station. Activating the uses in close proximity to the station platform is one of the best sustainable moves a development can provide to the community. By minimizing the need for cars, promoting alternative means of transportation we always strive for a walkable 24/7 environment. Two recent examples include:

The Ride at RiNo – located one block from Zeppelin Station and two blocks from the 38th & Black Street Platform – this project showcases 400 SF micro studio apartments and on site rental for Cars2Go and a variety of bikes. Originally planned four years, Carvell Architects participated in the city’s upzoning overlay and concept master plan of the 36th & Brighton Development and view corridor to the station.

(Image: Birdseye of The Ride at RiNo looking east toward “the HUB” at the 38th & Blake St Platform)
(Image: The Ride at RiNo looking east on 36th St toward “the HUB” at the 38th & Blake St Platform)

Campus Village 2 P3 Redevelopment Competition Proposal – University of Colorado Denver Envisioned as the West Campu Gateway to the Auraria Campus, the proposal redevelopment of the 4th & Walnut Street site vision included the following planning principles:
➔ A west gateway for the CU Denver Campus
➔ A housing-oriented bookend for CU Denver to balance the uses near downtown
➔ A dynamic place for student life with activities that are not found elsewhere on campus
➔ A TOD that is unique to the campus and celebrates “CU in the City” in a new and
creative way
➔ A site that preserves space for future opportunities, including student/staff oriented
housing academic space, offices, and/or administrative uses.

The Parcel has the potential to become a unique gateway to the Platte River and its rapidly evolving urban context. Because of the proximity of significant new and future developments, including The River Mile, Meow Wolf, Steam on the Platee, Sun Valley, and the Pepsi Center and Broncos Stadium redevelopments.

(Image: Site Plan)
(Image: View of West Campus Transit Platform looking west)